War Thunder forums have, for the third time, been used to leak classified military intelligence

War Thunder forums have, for the third time, been used to leak classified military intelligence

For the third time, a War Thunder player has leaked classified military information on the game’s forums in response, in this case, to the ammunition for Chinese tanks not being accurate enough.

As reported by UK Defense Journal (via PC Gamer), a user uploaded an image of the DTC10-125 Tungsten Penetrator and a technical document containing its specifications because they were unhappy with some small inaccuracies.

The piece in question is a “non-explosive 125 mm high-velocity sabot round fired by the Chinese Type 96 and Type 99 tanks” and is considered “one of the [People’s Liberation Army’s] main tank destruction shell. »

This leak, which could very well be considered a betrayal, follows similar leaks on the War Thunder forums which revealed classified information on the British Challenger 2 and French Leclerc main battle tanks. What sets this apart, however, is that it appears to have been entirely unnecessary.

Nobleman Swerve on ResetERA said this crime was unnecessary because the assets used in the game of the turn in question are not representative of the final product.

“The game recently shut down a publicly available development server that was previewing the next content drop,” they wrote. “The problem with these development servers is that the values ​​for things like armor, penetration, or flight models are usually placeholders that are subject to change in the final release.

“So what happened is that the developer added this shell to the server, but copied/pasted the values ​​from the previous version as a placeholder. This poster saw that, got returned and continued and issued a betrayal to correct what is publicly communicated as placeholder values.”

Regardless, the post was taken down by War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment, and the team once again pleaded with their community not to commit any criminal acts on their forums.

“Our community managers immediately banned the user and deleted their post, as information about this particular shell is still classified in China,” the studio said in an email to PC Gamer. “Posting classified information about any vehicle of any nation on the War Thunder forums is clearly prohibited, and game developers never use it in their work.

“While we understand that our players want the game to be as realistic as possible, we kindly ask them not to do anything illegal and jeopardize their safety and that of our community team members. War Thunder Developers It’s best to research vehicle information using legally available tools, and scandals like this are clearly not helpful to our efforts.”

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