Top 5 Worst Pokemon Types

Top 5 Worst Pokemon Types

Top 5 Worst Pokemon Types

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Pokemon type matches help make the game more interesting. Think of it as a complicated “rock, paper scissors” where you have to figure out which moves are weak and which are strong against others. While some are quite easy to understand due to common sense, others require further study.

So far, there are 18 Pokémon types in total in the game, each of which gives various Pokémon their own personalities and aesthetics that resonate with their types and abilities. For example, most flying types are birds, most water types are sea creatures, and most fighting types look like professional fighters. It’s not just aesthetic; even the moveset resonates with his typing to the point where it makes sense, from something as simple as a water gun to something huge like Devastating Drake.

However, not all Pokemon types are created equal – some are just plain disappointing. So out of the 18, here are the 5 worst Pokemon types.

5. Normal

The Normal type is boring. Normal does not inflict status effects and only deals with physical attacks. Additionally, each Pokemon can learn one Normal-type move. The only good normal move is a fast attack where it gets you first move if you are fast enough. It’s best to have a dual-type Pokemon where it can learn moves from other types, but overall Normal is too basic.


Rock types are the downgraded version of Ground. While both are weak against Water-types, Ground-types are very effective against Rock. Not to mention, Rock-types aren’t immune to Electric-types, so you’re at a disadvantage if you’re in a battle against Pikachu. Rock types have their advantages: they don’t take damage during sandstorms, and rock was the type specialty used by Iconics. Pokemon Broc character. If you have to choose between the two, just use the soil types.

3. Ghost

Much like the Rock-type, the Ghost-type is the downgraded version of a Dark-type Pokémon. Ghosts are weak against each other compared to dark types and are quite similar to each other in strengths and weaknesses. Ghost types also have the weirdest design choices and generally follow a similar pattern. Either he has an object (ex: Sinistea), he looks like the way we draw a ghost (ex: Haunter), or he is dead (ex: Cursola). It’s pretty on the nose, and the only other guy that does that is water.


The Dragon type should be the most powerful in the game and is strong against almost everyone. Her weaknesses before Fairy’s introduction were Ice and Dragon. Even starter Pokemon are weak against dragons, including Pikachu. If you were up against someone with a dragon type, hopefully your HM Surf slave knows Ice Beam. There’s a reason why Elite Four champions like Lance and Cynthia have been rated as the toughest by Pokemon fans.

1. Fairy

Speaking of Fairy, this typing was designed to help “balance” the meta in competitive Pokemon and was the last to be introduced. Fairy made her appearance in Generation VI and she was not welcomed with open arms by those playing competitively. This type of Pokemon has also annoyed Eevee hunters, because if they plan to get Espeon or Umbreon, they’ll need to make sure their Eevee doesn’t have a Fairy-type move, otherwise all their hard work will go to raise a Sylveon. So as much as this guy wants to be respected in the Pokemon community, let’s just say Fairy hasn’t received the best reception.

Not all types are built the same. Some are awesome, and some are just too powerful. However, it is not because one is bad that it is absolutely terrible. It’s all up to the Trainer to use what they have to successfully become a Pokemon Master.

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