Titans WR coach offers a glimpse of Treylon Burks’ first games on the pitch

George Walker IV / Tennessean.com / USA TODAY NETWORK

There was a shadow hanging over the Tennessee Titans’ OTAs as the first-round wide receiver, Treylon Burks, has been on and off the training ground since he first wore a rookie helmet to the minicamp. It seemed to have to do with preparation, but was it out of shape? Did he have allergies or something that affected his breathing? It is a question to which every journalist wanted to know the answer.

When Berkes spoke to reporters just a week ago, she was probably a mom about it. When asked about his level of preparation, he replied that “every now and then”. Berks was also seen with an inhaler, but said he would keep his reasoning behind it “at home”. The rookie even told reporters to ask coach Mike Vrabel if they wanted more details, but Vrabel declined to comment when asked.

On Tuesday, the NFL world finally got some clarity about what the former Arkansas star was going through, and that came through wide receiver coach Rob Moore.

“Some of those things that happened were somewhat out of his control,” Moore said. ESPN Turron Davenport. “The child has asthma. These things happen. But he understands what the expectations are, but I think at the end of the day, it really’s immersed in the culture of how we do things here, how we play here, he’s different from every player who comes. here from college because we ask these kids to do things that many groups do not ask them to do.

“I’m excited about Treylon and what he can bring to this football team. He just has to be healthy and be able to show everyone on the pitch what he is capable of.”

Burks is not nearly the first professional athlete or NFL player on this asthma issue, but the way he handled this issue from the franchise has undoubtedly turned him into the top titans of the Titans OTA. Bramble said Tuesday that the Titans knew about his asthma before the draft. It is something that will continue to be discussed, as Berks also missed Tuesday’s training session, with Brambel simply saying that he was “not available”.

There is also a lot of pressure on the young Berks, as he was selected in the draft a few moments after Tennessee sent AJ Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles. If the Titans want to repeat as the No. 1 seed in the AFC or AFC South champions, Burkes should contribute immediately.

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