Successes of Mets Eduardo Escobar for Cycle in Win Over Padres

SAN DIEGO – It took a long time for Eduardo Escobar to warm up this season. But as he became the first Mets player to make the round since 2012, something he did in his side’s 11-5 victory over the San Diego Padres on Monday night, it seemed like he never stopped hitting.

Every time a player hits the circle, manager Buck Showalter said, “It’s fun to watch. But especially he. You know how much he means to his teammates. “It’s almost like they hit it.”

Escobar scored a two-row single in the first inning against Padres’ key player Blake Snell. He made a double to take the lead in the fourth inning against Snell. He did a two-wheeled home run with two runs against the relief Craig Stammen in the eighth and then grabbed the circle dramatically with a two-run triple relief Tim Hill in the ninth.

According Performance StatisticsEscobar was the first player in the history of the big league to take a circle with Homer in the eighth and a triple in the ninth.

It was the first round of the Mets since Scott Hairston did it in 2012 and Escobar knew when he got in the box exactly where he was and what he needed. He said that when the ball landed on the right side of the court, he sprinted to the third base independently.

“I was glad he did,” said Francisco Lindor. “These do not come very often.”

“I was really happy with what he did tonight,” said key Carlos Carrasco, who scored 10 while allowing just two consecutive over seven appearances, placing the Mets in their first five games of the 10-game Western Journey.

Escobar’s energy is contagious and his personality contagious. Escobar, a long-time popular club in Minnesota, Arizona and Milwaukee, signed a $ 20 million two-year deal with the Mets on December 1, just before the lockout. After a lukewarm start, Escobar hit just 0.212 in May. But now he is 20 for 60 (.333) in his last 14 games.

Both of his last games are even better.

It was Escobar’s sacrificial fly at the end of an exhausting 10-yard bat fight in the eighth inning on Sunday in Los Angeles that gave the Mets a 3-2 lead before the Dodgers equalized and the Mets won 5-4 in the 10th. He fouled five pitches during the at-bat against Brusdar Graterol, including four in a row before leading to a row.

“I think his teammates will tell you that at-bat yesterday may have been one of the best of the year,” said Showalter. “In a way, it is the example that everyone is trying to set and follow.”

Then came Monday’s opening streak in San Diego and a 4 to 5 night with six RBIs.

Escobar attributed the blow to coach Eric Chavez and his teammates who helped him overcome oblivion earlier in the season as he struggled to get into a groove on the plate. “Your time is coming,” he said, several told him.

They spoke in the general sense, of course. But Monday turned out to be another special moment in a number of them so far this season for the Mets.

“It enhances the journey,” Lindor said.

Escobar was greeted by standing ovations from a small group of Mets fans who had gathered behind the boat of Petco Park visitors for a makeshift celebration.

Yes, Escobar noticed them.

“Great moment,” he said. “It is incredible.”

The dugout then exploded on arrival when the inning was over.

“Very quietly, it goes back to its history,” Showalter said. “That’s why you trust men like him who have such good make-up and so many desires. He gets frustrated, but never takes it out on the field and never takes it to the club. It is a good example for everyone.

“I think everyone gets a little bit of a special feeling from that. It was a lot of fun at the club. “His statement about ‘I’m proud of you’ all the time, fell on him tonight.”

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