Stenographer Johnny Depp v Amber Heard denies ‘partying’ with Pirates actor as critics accuse him of bias

The reporter for the libel trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has pushed back against allegations of bias after she was seen hugging Mr Depp on the final day of proceedings.

Judy Bellinger was filmed kissing Mr Depp on Friday May 27 in footage shared on social media. Heard fans claim it shows Ms Heard did not get a fair trial, suggesting the behavior showed the stenographer was not impartial during the proceedings. The verdict came five days after Ms Bellinger was seen interacting with the Depp team. Ms Bellinger denied “partying” with Mr Depp.

Mr Depp won the lawsuit against Ms Heard, which was prompted by a 2018 Washington Post editorial bearing his name. Ms Bellinger works for private firm Planet Depos, which was hired by the legal teams of Mr Depp and Ms Heard to record everything said during the proceedings.

Mrs. Bellinger said Law and crime that Mr. Depp told his team that “he would really like to meet the court reporter”. She said that since she was locked outside the courtroom, she would collect her transcription equipment from Depp’s lawyer, Ben Chew, at the actor’s hotel in the northern Virginia.

She said Mr Depp’s request to meet was “shocking”. “I’m like, ‘I’m just the court reporter,'” she said. She met the Depp team in the hotel reception room.

“Johnny was in there, and so I had to go over there and get my gear, and I saw him, and they said ‘he really wants to meet you,'” Ms Bellinger said. “I was probably in there less than 10 minutes, and he just hugged me and thanked me again. And I hugged a few other people there, and got my gear and I went out, I left and I went home.

Asked about claims online that she was partying with Mr Depp, Ms Bellinger said ‘that didn’t happen. I had about a 50 minute drive home so no it didn’t happen. is not produced”.

Social media users shared clips of Ms Bellinger and Mr Depp laughing in court during the trial. Law and crime host Angenette Levy blasted those who attacked Ms Bellinger.

“People are posting that court reporter Judy from the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial was ‘partying’ with JD. It’s not true. First, Judy is not a court employee. She was hired by the Depp and Heard teams. Second, she wasn’t partying with him,” she said. tweeted June 2. “Judy was at this event for maybe 10 minutes. The courthouse closes at 4 p.m. and his equipment was locked inside. Depp’s lawyers got it back for her. She picked up her things and JD hugged her and she left. That’s it.”

“Judy is targeted online. Leave her alone. She didn’t do anything wrong,” Mrs. Levy added.

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