Pokemon Fans Want Pikachu Clones To Get Evolutions

Pokemon Fans Want Pikachu Clones To Get Evolutions

With a new Pikachu clone teased for Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon fans are wondering why the older lookalikes aren’t evolving.

Evolving a Pokémon from its original, cute state to give it better battle stats and a stronger appearance is one of the ways a trainer prepares for the challenges of becoming the champion of any mainline. . Pokemon Title. Even the most well-known Pokemon can’t stay in its mouse-yellow state forever, and with the addition of a Thunder Stone, Pikachu will transform into Raichu. However, not all Pokémon in the franchise are meant to evolve, with some being unable to evolve at all.


While some Pokémon don’t necessarily need evolutions, such as Legendaries that can be found in every game, fans believe there are plenty of Pokémon without evolutions that could benefit from them in future games. Pokemon Games. With pokemon scarlet and Purple along the way, some believe older Pokemon might get new regional forms or perhaps updated evolutions. In particular, some Pokemon fans watch “Pikachu clones” on the show and hope there will be evolutions for them.

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All Pokemon generation since the first has included some sort of clone of Pikachu, which is a Pokemon believed by fans to be destined to look or play a similar role to Pikachu in the games. However, with the exception of Marill, who gets an evolution into Azumarill, none of Pikachu’s look-alikes have their own Raichu form. Described in a Reddit post by user rexshen, every Pikachu clone from Plusle and Minun to Morpeko has been without any form of evolution or Pokemon before it.

For some, like Alola’s Mimikyu, that’s not such a bad thing. Mimikyu lore for some fans explains why the Pokemon can exist without evolution. Also, Plusle and Minun get a fan pass considering they support Pokemon. However, for others like Pachirisu, who is even confirmed to be a related species to the Pikachu lineage in Pokemon Legends: Arceusthere seems to be a weird disconnect with Pikachu clones looking or playing a similar role to the popular Pokemon, but not having the ability to evolve like the original.

Having Pikachu clones each with their own evolution may make them too similar to the offshoots Eeveelutions fans are already seeing in the Pokemon Games. However, with a new Pikachu clone confirmed alongside other new Pokemon for pokemon scarlet and Purplemaybe it’s time for the model to be broken and new evolutions to come out.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are set to release on November 18, 2022 for Switch.

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