Is The Unforgiven the new best SMG?

Is The Unforgiven the new best SMG?


  • Unforgiven can roll with priority perks like Adrenaline Junkie and Golden Tricorn
  • The weapon stumbles slightly in the Crucible
  • Void builds can make heavy use of the Unforgiven as their primary weapon of choice

Last season “Destiny 2” players went crazy over the Funnelweb, a 900 rpm Void SMG that dominated the PvE sphere thanks to its rate of fire and the seasonal Volatile Flow mod. Many considered the Funnelweb the best PvE weapon in the game, but in “Season of the Haunted” there was fierce competition.

The Unforgiven is a new 750RPM Void SMG that belongs to the Aggressive Frame category. It does more damage per shot, and as far as aesthetics goes, it looks and feels a lot bigger than the Funnelweb. However, there is much more than that that might be of interest to gamers.

Now that Bungie has unlocked the Duality dungeon weapons in the API, everyone can now take a closer look at the Unforgiven without having to own one.

The SMG comes with barrel perks and magazine options that include fan favorites like Ricochet Rounds, Light Mag, and High-Caliber Rounds. However, the most interesting perks for this weapon can be found in the third and fourth columns.

The Funnelweb Submachine Gun - Destiny 2 The SMG Funnelweb Photo: Destiny 2

What makes Unforgiven unique is that it’s one of the only weapons in the game that can roll Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie. He can also roll with the new Repulsor Brace perk, which grants a Void Overshield whenever a Void-weakened target is defeated.

Speaking of DPS, Unforgiven can roll with Golden Tricorn. This perk grants up to 50% more damage each time the user scores an empty ability kill. The only other Void SMG that has Golden Tricorn is Shayura’s Wrath, and sadly it’s no longer available in the Trials loot pool.

When comparing the Unforgiven to the Funnelweb, it’s clear that the former has a better selection of perks for PvE. Unforgiven is also easier to target as it drops from the second and third Duality encounters.

However, the weapon pales in comparison to the Funnelweb in PvP, as the latter can roll with a higher range stat (thanks to the rangefinder), and it has a more competitive TTK.

Overall, the Unforgiven is incredibly powerful in PvE if players get the right throws. It synergizes with most Void builds and its damage potential can skyrocket when Golden Tricorn is fully powered. Players looking for a new workhorse weapon should definitely give this SMG a try.

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