Darktide promises thousands of character voice lines

Darktide promises thousands of character voice lines

Warhammer 40K: Darktide is the latest cooperative horde shooter from developer Fatshark, the team behind the popular Warhammer: Vermintide Games. Whereas The oil spill seems to have a style similar to that Vermintide games in terms of combat, it will also have many features that will let fans know that this new title will stand out from previous Fatshark games. The oil spill takes place in the dark and dark future of Warhammer 40Kfor example, rather than Warhammer Fantasywhich means there will be more sci-fi and more guns will be available than in Vermintide.


There will also be new classes, but these seem to at least take some influence from Vermintide classes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering how popular these characters are. something that fixes darktide aside from classes, however, rather than being tied to previously created characters, the roles players can choose in-game will fit their own customizable character. For some, this caused concern because one of the main features that players enjoyed in the adventurer party of the Vermintide games was the banter between the characters. These lines of dialogue often revealed elements of Warhammer the story or that of the characters.

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It seems that each character being different in The oil spill, the party players create won’t seem as tight-knit. However, in Fatshark’s first developer blog for The oil spillnarrative director Mårten Stormdal says fans won’t have to worry Warhammer 40K: DarktideThe story and missions lack character interactions. “We know our players love the interactions between the Ubersreik Five,” Stormdal said. “So we’ve put time and effort into creating a range of voice profiles for each character class so you can choose the personality that suits you best.” While it’s nice to know that a single character will have their own unique personality, Stormdal also explained how those personalities will blend with other player characters.

“We looked at the core archetypes extensively and not just what made them confuse with Warhammer 40,000but what would make team interactions fun.” Stormdal went on to say that it resulted in making connections between characters and personalities based on which characters would like others, who would tolerate a team, and who would actively loathe the According to Stormdal, this will result in plenty of banter, and Fatshark has created thousands and thousands of voice lines to keep party spirits up. war hammer author Dan Abnett helping write The oil spill moreover, fans can be sure that each line will be respectful of traditions.

The oil spill marks one of many war hammer titles revealed or enriched with information within the framework of the war hammer Skulls event. A look behind the scenes Space Marine 2 to a new LOSS-inspired shooter, fans of war hammer have plenty of upcoming titles to look forward to.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide out September 13, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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