Apex Legends Fan Builds a Working Replica of Valkyrie’s Missile Swarm

An Apex Legends fan has created a life-size replica of the custom missile launcher owned by high-flying, drinking Apex Legends character Valkyrie. In a Reddit post, /u/ToneIsDark demonstrated the Missile Swarm launcher in action and received over 7,500 upvotes in the Apex Legends subreddit, though it’s a bit easier to take a close look at the launcher via his Instagram post.

ToneIsDark’s missile launcher works just like Valkyrie’s in Apex Legends. Attached to its back by a harness, the caster moves and pivots, mimicking the movement of its owner’s hands. It also shares the same red color scheme as Valkyrie’s Missile Swarm, but that’s not all it does – ToneIsDark’s missile launcher actually works.

In the video showing its creation, fireworks can be seen flying off the missile launcher in rapid succession. Tone tells GameSpot that the launcher is capable of firing 19 shots in rapid succession, but the 22-year-old engineering student – who was 21 at the time of the Missile Swarm’s completion – says that making the launcher capable of firing all being worn is the next step.

“I would say Mark I is complete,” Tone says. “It can move and shoot well, but yeah, there will be adjustments eventually for a future model that I hope to wear while shooting. With that [current] model, due to the force exerted by the fireworks I am currently using, the motors have a very hard time staying stable during the firing process. I haven’t had time to swap out the motors for more powerful motors, as that would involve redesigning and printing the motor cases and accessories and adjusting the circuit to allow for more powerful motors, but in the future model, I would like to try. .”

Valkyrie's Missile Swarm ability in action.
Valkyrie’s Missile Swarm ability in action.

According to Tone, his huge passion project only took two months to complete, including the time spent designing it.

“There was an endless list of tasks to do, and each one had its own endless list.” Your explained. “The reason for the deadline is that I was going to be abroad until the end of the summer, then I have full-time university, so realistically that was the only time I would have to do this project for the foreseeable future I ended up filming everything the day before my flight [abroad].”

“I had already been thinking for a while about a kind of firework launcher and [I] play a lot of Apex (maining Valkyrie), so I’ve finally decided that I’m going to jump into creating this.” It’s a serious commitment. Valkyrie hands, take note.

When it comes to bumps in the road, programming the sensors was one of the most complex tasks Tone undertook to get the launcher to work. But despite occasional obstacles, giving up was never in the cards.

“It was more of a constant disbelief in my mind that it would actually be over, especially in the amount of time I had.” he says when asked about the difficulties he faced while working on the build.

Valkyrie's jetpack is a modified version of her late father's Northstar Titan, which players can use in Titanfall 2.
Valkyrie’s jetpack is a modified version of her late father’s Northstar Titan, which players can use in Titanfall 2.

Tone tells GameSpot that this is his first Apex Legends-related project, but there may be more in the future. Despite Tone’s creation making cosplayers drool, his Missile Swarm missile launcher isn’t part of a costume – he tells us he just enjoys creating wild creations as a hobby, in part because of the value of the learning experience. learn so much from each project.” he mused when asked about his high-tech hobby.

Surprisingly, Tone claims that “no injuries were sustained” while creating and operating his Mark I missile swarm. Nevertheless, we must advise our readers not to attempt this at home, d especially since the Mark II will, ideally, be portable while actively launching fireworks.

While his explosive launcher design is inspired by Apex Legends’ Valkyrie, Tone says the biggest motivation for his plans comes from another high-flying, high-tech hero.

“My main inspiration for everything I do comes from Iron Man, honestly. My last project was a wrist-controlled flamethrower and I didn’t want to do anything that I considered less exciting than that.”

Even his username, ToneIsDark, is a tribute to the character. “It’s supposed to look like Tony Stark.”

We have a feeling Mr. Stark would be deeply impressed with ToneIsDark’s determination, ingenuity and style.

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